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Megastore.pk is committed to providing high-quality products at the doorstep of the customers. They can contact us to get some extra benefits. Our team intends to provide all the electronics items on a single platform to minimize the burden of the customers. We guarantee that our prices are customer’s oriented. It is because our focus is on maximizing our sales by gaining the trust of our customers.

We sell our products at the lowest prices that are prevailing in the market. Our customers can compare the prices with the market. MegaStore.pk’s team strives to become the buying partner of customers. Our team provides one of the fastest delivery services in the town. We have a daily deals section on our website, which provides amazing deals & discounts to our customers.

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  • Al Hafeez Suits, Gulberg 3, Lahore
  • Email: info@megastore.pk
  • Hotline: 03043852498

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MegaStore.pk is a dealer of top brands in Pakistan

MegaStore.pk is one of the leading electronics gadgets suppliers in Pakistan. We have dealerships and are working with top brands like Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Huawei, and so on. MegaStore.pk is the direct dealers of these brands and offers 100% original products with complete ease, warranty, and security to our customers. Our team intends to provide quality products and services to our customers.

Our dedicated support team provides 24/7 support and strive to improve the user experience. Management of Megastore.pk spends a lot to provide after-sales services. Our core strength is our premium services to our customers. And our team wishes to become the top line business partner of our customers. We wish to fulfill all of their requirements of the customers related to the electronics items in Pakistan.

For Complaints & Suggestions:

We respect & cater to complaints from our clients. As humans may make some errors & mistakes, so our management takes immediate action to resolve the grievance or complaints raised by our customers. We wish to provide excellent and quality services to our customers & get reviews from them.

Customers can also send us their valuable feedbacks & suggestions, which will help us to improve our services. We will be thankful to our well-wishers for supporting us and appreciate their valuable feedbacks & suggestions. Our management will try to include those suggestions in our operations to give excellent user experience to our clients.

We also want to shake hands with our marketplaces so that together, we all can serve the Pakistani customers most efficiently. In Pakistan, there is a huge potential for growth in E-commerce and to get the trust of the customer, we all need to do some extra efforts. Management of MegaStore.pk welcome other E-commerce stores to contact us and will be happy to work together as working partners.

Pakistani customers want value-added goods & services. If all Online Stores fulfill the needs of the customers then it will improve the trust level of common people. These continuous efforts increase the potential of E-commerce growth in Pakistan in the near future.


Electronics Devices have a significant role in human life. Now we can’t imagine our life without them. In order to do our day to day work, we need them to work efficiently. Everybody wishes to have some decent gadgets so, MegaStore.pk serves the purpose efficiently. We bring the most advanced and latest electronic gadgets in Pakistan.

Consumer Electronics in Pakistan

It contains various products on the list that are very popular among the customers. MegaStore.pk is one of the leading players that introduce the latest products in the market. Our team observe the trends among the audience and introduce the product as per their requirement. As we are the dealers of top brands, so we have to look at the trends of the local market as well.

We have a positive outlook for the consumer electronics market in Pakistan. Our team believe that the important growth potentials of this sector are still untapped. At this time, the market size of this area is about $ 10 Billion, with a growth rate of 15%. Few factors are responsible for this bullish growth outlook. Pakistani market is price sensitive, which faces a number of risks & challenges.