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Apple Macbook Pro MPXQ2 – 7th Gen Ci5 08GB 128GB SSD 13.3″Retina Display Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 Mac OSx Sierra (Space Gray – Mid 2017)


If you’re looking for the Latest Apple Macbook Pro 2017 Series then check out this Model!

  • It features latest Intel Core i5 Processor
  • 8GB RAM for Fast Processing
  • Spacious 128GB PCle-Based SSD

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Apple Macbook Pro 13″ (MPXQ2) 2017 is now available in Pakistan!

Apple Macbook Pro MPXQ2 – 7th Gen Ci5 08GB 128GB is the most significant and much talked about the change that Apple brought in its latest releases of MacBook Air and Pro was the replacement of old Broad-well processors with the latest upgraded ones by Intel, known as “Kaby Lake”. These new processors are able to support 32GB of RAM, which Apple was trying to officiate from the beginning of the year 2017.

Along with supporting a high amount of RAM, Kaby Lake also brought some other improvements with it like better power management etc. When Intel released Kaby Lake in 2016 they took the world by storm with their unbeatable power, fans and users of Apple were insisting that since Apple is looking for an upgrade- they should replace the chip sets with the Kaby Lake ones by Intel.

After considering other options Apple decided that it is best that they include the Kaby Lake processors by Intel instead of building their own chipsets or looking at other options. Almost all of the models that Apple released this June have this upgrade, along with the Touch Bar one.

MacBook Air, the 13” notebook of Apple, also got this upgrade, this particular model- Macbook Pro MPXQ2 (2017) is powered by Intel’s Kaby Lake chip set. Here are some other features of this particular model:

MPXQ2 Is Powered by Intel’s latest Kaby Lake Processor

MacBook Pro MPXQ2 2017 comes with an Intel Core i5 processor (Dual Core, Kaby Lake architecture) which has the baseline frequency of 2.3Ghz, enough to rival most notebooks and laptops. In instances where you require more power, the Turbo Boost will kick in increasing the clock frequency up to 3.6Ghz.

Using Macbook Pro MPXQ2, you would feel like an absolute delight because there will be no hangs, no lags no feeling like your laptop or notebook is not powerful enough to meet the requirements of today’s high powered software. Intel’s Kaby Lake makes sure that the Dual Cores are working at their best, providing you with uninterrupted and smooth experience.


Apart from the processor, RAM plays a vital role in how fast a system would run, you could have the latest and most expensive processor installed in your system but if you’re running it on 512MB RAM then it is apparent that your expensive processor will be no good.

MacBook Pro MPXQ2 comes equipped with an 8GB LPDDR3 RAM, running at 2133Mhz. Which makes sure that it satisfies the needs of your memory-hungry software without disturbing your work flow. 8GB RAM combined with a boosted i5 Processor provides you with the smoothest experience you can find in a notebook.

Improved graphics system in MPXQ2 Macbook

Apple also improved its graphics system by introducing dedicated graphic memories and upgrading the GPU. This particular model has an Intel Iris Plus 640 Graphics card, which makes the textures in your favourite games and movies appear crystal clear.

Most of today’s software have the option to run on GPU instead of the CPU and some software only run if the system has a powerful enough GPU, running your software on GPU is great for the overall system, since it divides the load from the CPU preventing it from overheating and making you uncomfortable.

While it also gives you a smoother experience since not only your processor but also your graphics unit is at your service.

Backlit keyboard and the super speed of Thunderbolt

MacBook Pro MPXQ2 comes with Apple’s standard backlit keyboard, making typing, especially at night easy for you. The key pad was also modified to increase its size which makes it more easy for your fingers to slide and glide through the keyboard which means more WPM and less stress on your fingers and hands.

Apple has been the first company that used Thunderbolt ports officially, this new Macbook Pro model (MPXQ2) also comes with 2 Thunderbolt ports 3 (running on USB 3 standard). Thunderbolt ports are much faster compared to the standard USB 2 or the newer USB 3 ports, having a speed ranging from 20-40GB/s you, yourself will feel the ultra speediness of data transfer.

De-facto Slim design

Apple has always kept the designs of its MacBook sleek and simple. Without cutting down important features and parts like USB ports, for instance, they have managed to keep the designs slim and elegant, this model Macbook Pro MPXQ2 (2017) is no different with a thickness of 14.9mm and a weight of just 3lb you won’t even feel like you’re carrying something.

The 13.3” screen won’t feel small because of the special wide-screen design of it, with 500nit brightness you won’t miss any details in your movies and games or anything else that you put on its crystal clear screen.

With the standard elegance of Apple and the power of Intel’s latest Kaby Lake, you won’t find a better system, at least a 13” system that offers so much.

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