Price Matching Policy

Price Matching Policy of

We strive hard to bring you the best available products at the lowest possible prices. Customers can easily compare them from the other marketplaces. And in any case, if you find that a product you are about to purchase is expensive than the market then we have Price Matching Policy of

Our price matching policy is applicable to some identical products. And it excludes CDs and DVDs. The item in comparison must be in stock with the other authorized dealer. It should not be a floor sample, “open box” item, refurbished or demo piece. Along with this, there should also not be a typographical error. will possibly coordinate the cost of a thing, if it’s indistinguishable inside and out to the one you’re purchasing. It must be a similar brand, model, size, and shading. Two of the Same Item. Our management says every client can just get one value coordinate for every day on a given thing.

To get this value coordinate, you should contact the MegaStore Customer Care before putting in your request. The client care representative must check the thing is qualified at a cost coordinate, and the representative “has a ultimate choice” about whether to coordinate another store’s cost. As such, even with online cost coordinating, there are no certifications.

All we need is the name and number of the store where you found it cheaper, and contact us - A complete Store

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